85% Of Canadians Are ‘Aware’ Of Bitcoin, Says Bank of Canada

The number of Canadians who own bitcoin nearly doubled over the course of a year, according to the results of a newly-published survey by the Bank of Canada. Dubbed the Bitcoin Omnibus Survey (BTCOS), the country’s central bank hoped to identify “the driving reasons for ownership during the sudden rise in Bitcoin prices” and in understanding “bitcoin’s potential… Read More »

‘Digital Currency Is Basically A Fallacy’ Says Finland Central Bank

The Bank of Finland (BoF) has released a 133-page paper arguing the concept of digital currency is an “illusion.” BoF: ‘Fundamental Nature’ Of Digital Currency ‘Elusive’ BoF head of digitalization Aleksi Grym The document, compiled by the Finnish central bank’s head of digitalization Aleksi Grym, claims the world has become “muddled” about the difference between money and technology… Read More »

Report: India May Not Ban Cryptocurrencies, But Treat Them as Commodities

India is not going to put a blanket ban on digital currencies, but rather treat them as commodities, an anonymous source in the government told news outlet Quartz July 11. According to Quartz, a Finance Ministry panel has ordered a study on cryptocurrencies, which may suggest that the government would treat them as commodities. A senior government official… Read More »

Susquehanna’s Crypto Chief Touts Bitcoin as the Best Cryptocurrency Investment

Advertisement The existing use cases of bitcoin give it an edge over other cryptocurrencies, the head of digital assets at Pennsylvania-based trading firm Susquehanna International Group, Bart Smith, told CNBC’s Fast Money on Tuesday. According to Smith, with these established functions of bitcoin which are already applicable today, the flagship cryptocurrency presents the best opportunities for investors in the… Read More »

South Korean Regulators to Introduce New Rules for Crypto and Blockchain

South Korean legislators have revealed drafts of bills intended to develop rules on cryptocurrencies, initial coin offerings (ICOs) and blockchain technology, The Korea Times reported July 11. Lawmakers will reportedly introduce the drafts at an extraordinary session of the National Assembly, which will take place from July 13 to 26. According to the Korea Times, representative Song Hee-kyung… Read More »

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Technical Analysis: November 2018 Upgrade Demonstrates Bitcoin Cash’s “Decentralization and Freedom”

There is utility in Bitcoin Cash and their ambitions of becoming Bitcoin’s replacement is real. In fact going by the number of developments and adoption especially in SE Asia, Bitcoin Cash deserves recognition. Yes, it’s a BTC fork but at its core it advocates the ideals of the original core network despite BitPico’s claims.From the NewsTalk is cheap,… Read More »