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Ethereum’s Trinity Client Announces ‘Margaret Hamilton’ Alpha

Trinity hits a trifecta with its third major alpha release. Trinity unveiled the third major alpha release, v0.1.0-alpha.14, for its Python-based Ethereum client, according to the team’s lead architect Piper Merriam in recent reddit and GitHub posts. The release stabilizes the client’s syncing code and establishes a foundation for improved sync performance in the future. With the alpha,… Read More »

Jamaican Stock Exchange To Allow Crypto Trading

The move could signal a desire not to be left behind as other Caribbean countries embrace blockchain tech. The Jamaican Stock Exchange (JSE) has partnered with Toronto-based FinTech company Blockstation to allow digital asset trading, according to an August 14 press release. Blockstation’s electronic communication network and order management system is intended to allow investors to “facilitate trading,… Read More »

Venezuela Further Ties Economy To Its National Crypto

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has announced the petro will become an official unit of account, with salaries and prices anchored to the oil-backed national cryptocurrency. In a recent announcement, President Maduro of Venezuela said the petro, along with the soon to be released sovereign bolivar, will become an official accounting unit for Venezuela starting Monday. Spanish newspaper ABC… Read More »

Cryptocurrency Angel Investor Files Complaint Against AT&T For SIM Hijacking

Cryptocurrency angel investor Michael Terpin alleges that AT&T failed to offer identity protection, leading to a theft of $24 million in cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency investor Michael Terpin is threatening to sue telecommunications conglomerate AT&T for negligence leading to the loss of nearly $24 million in digital assets. In a complaint filed in the United States District Court for the… Read More »

Melonport Integrates ENS Compatibility

Joining a recent trend, the blockchain-based asset management company now boasts ENS compatibility. Melonport AG, the team behind the crypto asset management system Melon, recently revealed its integration of Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domains into Melon. Members of the Melon team developed this compatibility during the ENS London workshop and hackathon held over the weekend. Per the update,… Read More »

Fomo3D: Is A Scam Still A Scam If It Calls Itself A Scam?

The most popular game on Ethereum currently is either a scam or a parody of a scam. The distinction may not matter. Fomo3D, currently the most popular (non-exchange) application on Ethereum and the first project to generate more traffic than the monumental CryptoKitties, defies easy categorization. It could be called a game. It could be called gambling. It… Read More »

Vitalik Buterin’s Latest Consensus Algorithm Paper, Explained

A recent yellow paper by Vitalik Buterin simplifies and applies a 99 percent Byzantine fault tolerant algorithm for blockchains. ETHNews explains it in language you can understand (minus the math). Last week, Vitalik Buterin published “A Guide to 99% Fault Tolerant Consensus,” wherein he lays out a simplified version of Leslie Lamport’s 1982 algorithm to address the Byzantine… Read More »

SEC Issues Warning About Crypto Retirement Funds

Be careful of staking your retirement on digital currency. Many people see cryptocurrency primarily as an investment tool, leading some to include it in their retirement savings plans. In response, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued an announcement cautioning investors to do their homework when putting digital assets in their self-directed individual retirement accounts (IRAs). According… Read More »