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BCH “is Dead” and BSV is a “Worthless Shitcoin,” Founder Says

Bitcoin Cash, the altcoin created after Bitcoin’s fork in 2017, could already be in the process of dying. So said Cobra, the controversial and anonymous creator of and In a tweet published yesterday, Cobra referred to Bitcoin Cash as a failure, pointing out that it is a dead project, with no real leadership or purpose. He… Read More »

Crypto Pundit: Ethereum (ETH) Is “Doomed To Be Centralized”

“Ethereum (ETH) Is Arguably Centralized” On January 14th, Preston Byrne, an attorney at Bryne & Storm that is enamored with blockchain technology, took to Twitter to mention his thoughts on Ethereum (ETH), likely in the context of the then-impending Constantinople hard fork, which was recently delayed due to security qualms. Byrne joked that the popular blockchain is more centralized… Read More »

Entourage Star’s Crypto & Bitcoin Show Sparks Twitter ‘Backlash’ (Memes)

Entourage’s Connolly Wants To Bring Bitcoin To American TV Per previous reports from Ethereum World News, Mati Greenspan, eToro’s in-house crypto researcher, once claimed that a lack of proper, non-bias, easy-to-comprehend education has been curbing Bitcoin (BTC) from adoption. And it seems that some have picked up on Greenspan’s comments, with SingularDTV-backed BreakerMag recently revealing that Kevin Connolly… Read More »

Crypto-Friendly Lawyer: U.S. Government Shutdown Curbing Bitcoin ETF Prospects

U.S. Government Shutdown & Crypto Twenty-eight days ago, the entirety of the U.S. government partially shut down. Negotiations between the Democrats and Republican incumbents have yet to procure results, and hundreds of thousands, if not millions of federal workers have had to provide governmental services without pay. The situation is getting from bad to worse, but what does… Read More »

Brian Kelly Predicts Bitcoin has “No Shot” at ETF in 2019

Bitcoin (BTC), Cryptocurrency, Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF)–It appears not all crypto analysts are bullish on Bitcoin’s chances of obtaining ETF approval in the new calendar year. While investors, both bearish and bullish alike, hung on the decision by the United States Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) to delay a Bitcoin-based ETF ruling into 2019, the prospect of having the… Read More »

If Bitcoin (BTC) Breaks 3700 USD, It Could Boost the Crypto Markets, CryptoSync Analyst Says

It seems that the prediction season has begun, with bullish and bearish opinions much more conservative than the ones from the last year. While it is difficult to provide a certain level of strength in the predictions of a market as volatile and young as the cryptomarket, this does not seem to stop analysts and fans from exposing their… Read More »

Ripple Will Make Payments as Easy as Sending Emails, Ross D’Arcy Says

Ripple has made very clear its ambition to revolutionize the world of finance through blockchain technologies even though centralized and more traditional methods dominate it. Sending Money Should Be as Easy as Sending an Email According to an article published by The Daily Hodl, Ripple sales director Ross D’Arcy commented that its solutions are designed to make banking… Read More »

TenX Goes Bullish After Hosp’s Departure. Cards Are Now Available

TenX had a tough New Year’s start. The fall in the prices of its PAY token, a series of scandals and failures in the promises they made to investors strongly deteriorated the reputation of the project. The impossibility of delivering a credit card compatible with cryptocurrencies triggered a strong wave of negative comments on social media and news… Read More »

Litecoin (LTC) Market Cap Marches Further Away from Tron TRX

Despite its popularity and success in the industry, Tron TRX is finding difficulty to overcome the silver-digital coin Litecoin (LTC) who has cemented its position among the leading cryptocurrencies. Counting over 5.00% increase in the last 24-hours following the last market price jump, Litecoin has reached the $1.96 bln and witnessing the green wave of gains, it looks… Read More »